Luxe Wisteria


Modern condominium

We undertook a challenge of turning a worn-out, cluttered condominium in downtown Chicago into this bright and spacious modern home.

City living often leaves its dwellers longing for more space. Our goal was to set a home that would give their owners just that. With a clean, bright white on the walls as our canvas, we played with contrast and texture, building up a smart complexity. This included textured cabinet facades in living room and kitchen, combination of wood, metal and crystal furnishings, as well as beautiful marble pattern in the bathroom.

Willow House

Countryside romance is something we love dearly, and Willow House is a perfect expression of this affection.

This 2-storied villa is a true epitome of tasteful eclectic. With a strong focus on artisanal products and craftsmanship, we filled the house with custom woodwork throughout. Large windows add plentiful air, and beamed high ceilings immediately bring pictures of rural Europe to mind.

Every detail of design in the house is inspired by a cosmopolitan character and wanderlust lifestyle of its owners.